Croc Response Agents needed in the Keys

Would you like to be part of a crocodile response team?

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is looking for crocodile handlers and offering training as well as $25 per hour for being available at any time to help with the growing crocodile problem.

The American saltwater crocodiles can grow up to 15 (4.6 m) and weight up to a ton, says The Australian. Instead these giant reptiles have come back from being an endangered species at populations of 300 in the Florida Keys to numbers over 1,500 in a few short years, making themselves a menace to the residents of Southern Florida.

According to Fox News they have not been responsible for any human deaths in recent years, although there was a fatality of a pet dog. But they can be dangerous, especially the larger, more territorial ones.

The ‘Crocodile Response Agent’s’ duties would include site visits, captures, translocations, and carcass recoveries. They are not planning on hunting the crocodiles, merely removing them from neighborhoods where they could pose a threat or be in danger from vehicles. T

his proactive approach will hopefully get a handle on the reptile menace before any true damage can occur.

Fred Miller

Fred Miller

<span style="font-weight: 400">Fred Miller is the lead editor for Florida Daily Chronicle.  Fred has written for several publications including the Orlando Sentinel and the Huffington Post.  Fred is based in Palm Beach and covers issues affecting his city and the Palm Beach county. When he’s not busy writing, Fred enjoys playing flying drones.</span>

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