24 stylish items to shop for at Nordstrom’s winter sale

As I cover regularly, Nordstrom it is one of my favorite stores for a variety of items. I’m talking about everything from the tried and true basics to those cutting edge pieces. A section that I constantly turn to if I am looking for legitimate parts for myself or to recommend to others? Yes, the sales section. Honestly, I head over to the deals tab every time I’m on the site to see what’s on offer. And yes, there are always a variety of top-notch finds.

And that brings me to why I’m here today. I recently scrolled through the pages and pages of discounted products to bring you a selection of pieces that I think might be worth buying right now if you are in fact shopping right now. Below, you’ll discover a handful of stylish finds, including gorgeous outerwear, flawless denim silhouettes, and comfortable pieces of clothing. Intrigued? Wonderful. Keep scrolling for more.


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