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Avenues Mall evacuated after JSO responded to reports of alleged aggravated assault

Jacksonville, Florida – The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office was dispatched near Avenues Mall this morning because of reports of an aggravated attack. Witnesses stated that everyone had to leave the mall right away after the incident, which allegedly happened in the parking lot. At all exits, police officers were securing the area as the investigation was taking place.

Reports say that the alleged attack happened outside in the parking lot. After receiving the report, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) sent officers to the scene. But when they got there, neither a victim nor a suspect were present at the scene.

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According to the JSO, there were no signs of a shooter in or near the mall. It was important to make this clear, especially since there had been a shooting at the same spot not long ago. There was another fight at the Avenues Mall just five days before this one. After a fight, a man was shot in the parking lot. The victim was able to get back into the mall to safety after the shooting, while the shooter drove off in a silver SUV. No one has been arrested yet, so the case is still open.

There are concerns about safety in the area around Avenues Mall because of these recent events. The fact that these kinds of violent events keep happening close together in time has made it even more important to take effective steps to protect the people and stop more from happening.

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Ryan Johnson
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