Chase Claypool in Sevin Kasran + The Other Moments of Canadian Fashion

Photo courtesy of Instagram / @chaseclaypool.

Vancouver and Toronto brands made the cut.

Local style inspo is everywhere on social media these days, from the ultra-glamorous outfit of Drag Race of Canada winner Priyanka, soccer player Chase Claypool with Sevin Kasran (plus a bunch of luxury brands). It makes us feel good to see Canadian design in such a company, so without further ado, here are the local fashion moments we noticed this week.

Chase Claypool as Sevin Kasran

BC-born footballer Chase claypool – the Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver who just signed a deal with Nike’s Jordan brand – it was more about giving us some blue steel recently when he posted a photo of him wearing Balenciaga sneakers, a Gucci scarf and a bag by Louis Vuitton. The highlight of the Claypool set was By Sevin Kasran ‘Turmeric’ bomber jacket, a striking piece from the Vancouver-based brand’s latest launch.

Priyanka at Casa de Hayla and Nouveau Riche

The Queen Priyanka graced us with a truly royal lewk when she appeared in our feed in the stunning combination of a Toronto vintage coat and dress. New Riche and towering heels of Hayla’s house. We are not worthy!

Liz Trinnear in Brunette the Label

More like “bold weather”, right? TELEVISION host Liz trinnear gave us a lesson in comfy and cozy while wearing an adorable Vancouver lounge wear combination Brunette label. Do you love the Snow Leopard look? Then you’ll be happy to hear that he’s featured in the brand’s newly launched collaboration with Smash + Tess.

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