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DUI arrest of Jacksonville officer leads to suspension and potential termination

Jacksonville, Florida – A police officer in Jacksonville found himself on the wrong side of the law. Officer Justin Francis Marino, a four-year veteran of the Jacksonville Police Department, was arrested on charges of driving under the influence (DUI) after being accused of operating his police cruiser while intoxicated.

At around midnight, police were called to the home of Marino’s girlfriend due to there were reports of a fight between the two of them. According to Sheriff T.K. Waters, Marino drove away from the scene of the crime in his police cruiser while apparently drunk, as reported by his girlfriend.

Officers then found Marino, who wasn’t on duty at the time, as he was pulling into a gas station on Gate Parkway. While talking to the media at a news conference, Sheriff Waters highlighted the severity of the situation. “He should not have been in his police car. As a matter of fact, he should not have been in a car at all,” Waters stated. He further reinforced the department’s stance on such conduct, asserting that no one is above the law and any criminal allegations against department personnel would be thoroughly investigated.

To make things even more serious, Marino refused to take a field sobriety test when confronted by the responding officers. This refusal could potentially complicate his legal situation and add to the disciplinary actions he might face.

Sheriff Waters disclosed that Marino has been suspended without pay pending further investigation and is facing possible termination from the department. This incident marks the fifth time this year that an employee of the Sheriff’s Office has been arrested, indicating a concerning trend within the agency.

Rachel Walker
Rachel Walker
Rachel Walker writes about local government and community events. A University of Florida graduate, she's known for insightful articles that highlight local governance and community voices in Jacksonville.


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