It seems there was no game between PlayStation and Xbox

Jim Ryan has stated that the price was decided before the start of the pandemic.

PlayStation 5

We have been with the ninth generation of consoles on the go, as Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S began this exciting new stage on November 10; a few days later PlayStation 5 came out. Sony as Microsoft are overwhelmed by demand and are experiencing a great sales launch, with records of both machines, also in Spain.

Our recommended price [de PS5] was determined earlier this year, prior to the lockdownJim RyanDuring the year, both companies they took a long time in telling us two fundamental data when a new console comes on the market: departure date and price. He was so surprised that they hurried until the last moment, that speculate so they were both waiting for the other to reveal her cards. Although it is a good story, it seems that this it was not so, according to some words of Jim Ryan, head of PlayStation.

In a recent interview with the magazine Edge (and what do we know thanks to wccftech), Ryan has talked about the price of PS5, which carried decided before of the health crisis caused by the coronavirus: “[…] We planned our product line at the end of last year. Our recommended price was determined at the beginning of this year (2020), before confinement. We went ahead and executed what we wanted to do. “

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What’s more, the price of 399 euros for the PS5 without a reader and 499 euros for the normal PS5 has not been affected for the coronavirus: “No, no, no [cambiĆ³], no. We have been able to launch PlayStation 5 at 399 euros, with all the power and the set of functions that the console has, at the same price that we launched PS4 in 2013. That was important to us, and we are very happy having been able to do so. 399 euros it worked very well for us the last time and we would like [repetir]”.

According to this new information from Jim Ryan, there was no waiting by Sony to know the price of the new Xbox. Ryan, who went so far as to state that he would not recommend anyone to create a console in the middle of a pandemic and that he did not have a PS5 at home until now, declared in that same interview they will continue to make PlayStation 4 games for as long as it takes.

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