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New recording requirements for real estate documents in Duval County

Duval County, Florida – The Duval County Clerk of Courts made an announcement on December 14 regarding changes in the documentation process for real estate transactions. These changes, arising from alterations in state law, will have an impact on how certain documents are recorded in the Official Record of Duval County.

Key Changes in Documentation Process

According to the updates found in Florida Statute 695.26, starting from January 1, any document submitted for recording that affects the ownership of real estate will now require the postal address of each witness. This new mandate is part of a statewide change in recording requirements.

The types of documents that will be affected include deeds, mortgages, easements, and various agreements, affidavits, notices, or memorandums related to real estate dealings. Previously, these documents only required witnesses to print their names under their signatures. However, under the new guidelines, they must also include their physical address or post office box below their signatures. It is important to note that email addresses will not be accepted as valid witness addresses.

This change signifies a move towards greater transparency and accountability in real estate transactions, ensuring that all parties involved in the witnessing of these documents can be readily identified and contacted if necessary.

For more information on this significant change, including a comprehensive list of other affected document types and an example of an updated template with the new address section, individuals and professionals involved in real estate are encouraged to visit www.duvalclerk.com/departments/county-services/recording/new-recording-witness-address-requirements.

Jessica Robinson
Jessica Robinson
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