pros and cons of the PS5 and Xbox Series X and S (Clear X # 116)

The next generation of video games is here, and in time for the holiday season. Microsoft and Sony meet again in the classic confrontation of each generation of consoles. The first, with two contenders, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The second, with a new incarnation, more sophisticated than ever, of its classic Playstation. On the outside, they couldn’t be more different consoles. Inside … they also have their differences.

Continuing and displaying a catalog of hundreds of games inherited from other generations, one, with a renewed remote control and a series of exclusive-bombs already announced on the other, each console responds to a different way of thinking about video games. Microsoft and Sony, although the power of their respective consoles is comparable, They have chosen this time to march in directions, if not opposite, then quite different. And we have the keys to understand their strategies.

To analyze the strengths and weaknesses of these new consoles we have two analysts who have tested the consoles thoroughly during the last weeks and that they are very clear about what each one can offer and what is the terrain in which they move best. Are Juan Carlos Lopez ( and a server, John Tones (, accompanied as always at the controls by Saints Araújo ( editor in Genbeta and producer of this and other podcasts of the house such as Loop Infinito.

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New times, (technologically) wild times

Few things divide players more than the advent of a new console war: two of the most powerful machines conceived for entertainment are measured head-to-head exhibiting technology, catalog and accessories. And the good news is that there is often no clear winner. Although there is always one machine that sells more than another, the devotees of each of them know how to find the strengths and the weaknesses in all the options before them.

Design Without Title

In this case, the differences start from the same facade: a differentiated, personal design and not without controversy due to its lines and size, that of Playstation 5, faces the much more practical of Microsoft’s proposal. The controls also impose their differences: very traditional, following the style of the Xbox One great in the case of Microsoft Series X, and with a few innovations in vibration and triggers if we talk about the DualSense.

And although the power and hardware is comparable (with a small advantage for Xbox Series X), there are also different approaches to its application. Xbox Series X and Series S addresses a smoother consumer experience and build an ecosystem that goes back several generations, while Playstation 5 opts for what has always been Sony’s great strength: exclusive games.

PlayStation 5, analysis: Sony bets on innovation with a DualSense controller that is the perfect companion for very powerful hardware

A generation that is tighter than ever technically and that we describe in detail in this installment of Despeja la X. Power or accessibility? Is command as important as it seems? What about backward compatibility, is it a decisive element? All this, with first-person opinions and after having squeezed the consoles thoroughly during their first hours of life.

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