Renault unveils first look at Alpine F1 livery for 2021 rebrand

Renault is to be renamed Alpine in 2021, and the renamed team has killed their new F1 look with a black ‘temporary winter delivery’ for their new A521; Complete car start to February; Fernando Alonso is driving for the team this season

Last updated: 01/14/21 10:08

Renault has unveiled the new look of their Formula 1 team after releasing the first images of an Alpine F1 livery before the 2021 mark.

The design, predominantly black, while also having a large ‘A’ Alpine emblem as well as a nod to the French flag, is described as a ‘temporary winter surface’ with the full A521 car launch taking place in February.

“The presentation presented today is the first evocation of the Alpine F1 team’s new identity,” said Antony Villain, Alpine’s design director.

The A521 will be Alpine’s first ever F1 car with Renault racing under the name of its performance signature this season – it’s sixth back in the sport.

In addition to bringing a new name and a new car to the F1 network in 2021, Alpine will have a new lineup – with two-time world champion Fernando Alonso returning to Esteban Ocon – though Cyril Abiteboul will not lead the team.

Alpine’s CEO is Laurent Rossi, and a new team director has not yet been confirmed.

Renault has been driving in yellow since returning to the F1 network in 2016, and the black color of the temporary AF21 color is a tribute to the 1975 A500 F1 prototype.

“Some of the structural graphic elements will remain for the life of the racer, while others will change,” Villain added of the first renditions of the Alpine livery.

“The ‘oversized’ alpine emblem of a tri-colored graphics system is the first clear symbol of the brand’s identity in motorsport. Blue, white and red refer to the colors of the French and British flags, which is very important to us. Numerous variations on all motorsport assets come still. “

The Alpine structure was officially launched on Thursday, with Renault CEO Lucas De Meo praising the French manufacturer’s new car plan as a “Renaulution”.

The F1 team, Renault Sport Racing and Renault Sport Cars will all come under the ‘Avant-Garde’ Alpine brand.

Renault also announced that Alpine will develop a new electric sports car as part of a new partnership with British manufacturer Lotus.


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