Spread sheets of paper to decorate your table

This Thanksgiving, whether you are hosting guests or sharing a meal via Zoom, it is worth decorating your table to make the day feel different, especially smooth. Autumn leaves are an obvious and lovely decorative element, but if yours are withered or blown away, create a few custom leaves of accordion-folded paper.

Newspaper sheets, a budget- and soil-friendly material, are thin and therefore easy to fold, and the size allows you to create large leaves. Painting paper with acrylic paint gives it extra strength. Spread individual leaves down the middle of a table or glue them hot on a ribbon to create a wreath. After the holidays, the leaves are folded closed and packed up for use again next year.

There is a fun element of surprise to this technique when you see the leaf shapes you end up with. Once you have mastered these basics, create your own patterns. Test different triangles, squats or highs. Try making a square template, smooth or with scallops.

Step 1. Paint

Paint a couple of newspaper sheets. Dilute the paint with water if you want to see the newsprint. Depending on their size, you can get four to six leaves from a whole sheet.

Step 2. Create the leaf shape

Cut a square of paper a few inches larger than the desired size of your sheet, and fold it in half. With the fold to the left, you draw your design on the right freehand or with a template.

For a maple leaf, create a cardboard template using this printable template as a guide and trace on the folded paper.

To get an almond-shaped leaf to do it without a template, draw a line from one corner to the other, diagonally, or you can use this printable template as a guide.

After tracing your shapes, cut out your leaves.

Step 3. Fold

Open your paper and lay it down with the wider side at the top. Turn the paper over and fold down on top (the fold above is three-quarters of an inch, but you can make yours thinner or wider) and continue to harmonize the entire paper.

Step 4. Bend

Keep the paper completely folded like a strip, and bend at the existing center fold so that the ends meet each other.

Step 5. Tape

Tape the two ends together from the back.

Step 6. Complete

Let the magazine unfold and admire your craft.

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