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State Guard called to action in Florida in response to Gulf Low weather threat

Tallahassee, Florida – In anticipation of the Gulf Low expected to significantly impact Florida this weekend, Governor Ron DeSantis has taken proactive measures by activating the Florida State Guard. This move is aimed at bolstering the state’s readiness and response to the severe weather conditions forecast.

Governor’s Strategic Response to Weather Threat

Governor DeSantis has directed the Florida State Guard to assist the Florida Division of Emergency Management and other state agencies in their preparations. “The Florida State Guard plays an essential role in Florida’s preparation for and swift response to severe weather,” Governor DeSantis stated. He also expressed gratitude for their readiness to mobilize at short notice in response to the upcoming weather challenges.

In addition to activating the State Guard, Governor DeSantis has instructed the Florida Division of Emergency Management to gear up with flood response and prevention equipment. He has also urged Floridians to prepare for potential hazards such as flooding, strong wind gusts, and isolated tornadoes.

The Florida State Guard, a civilian volunteer force, holds a significant place in the state’s emergency response framework. In response to Hurricane Idalia, Governor DeSantis reinstated it in 2022 and used it for the first time in more than 75 years.

Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson
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