Stephen Curry, Phil Mickelson most recently to pull Charles Barkley’s golf swing

Charles Barkley and Phil Mickelson go together on the golf course on Friday, but that did not stop “Lefty” from spotting Barkley’s swing on Sunday.

This duo will match Stephen Curry and Peyton Manning in “The Match: Champions for Change” the day after Thanksgiving. It will be the second iteration of “The Match” after Manning and Tom Brady joined Mickelson and Tiger Woods respectively on the pitch in May. Barkley’s golf swing has been very vicious, and Mickelson and Curry discussed it over Twitter less than a week before it went on national television.

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It all started with a promotional video from Callaway Golf showing Curry flop a shot over a cardboard cut by Mickelson. It got a response from Mickelson that he might be starting to worry about “The Match” now.

Curry could not provide the opportunity to let Mickelson know where his real worries were coming from: Barkley’s turn. Mickelson agreed.

Curry responded to this tweet with ridiculous emojis, and then he added insult to injury by posting a video of Barkley’s swing with a mocking caption.

“They’ll have to put that 24 second clock on Chuck for this thing,” Curry wrote. “He’s burning daylight out there @PhilMickelson 😂 😂 😂 #TheMatch.”

Manning and Curry, who have played in professional golf events, play against Mickelson and Barkley on Friday, November 27 at 7 p.m. 15.00 ET at Stone Canyon Golf Club in Arizona. They play a modified alternative shot format and it is broadcast on TNT. Mickelson was a winner in May when he teamed up with Brady, but Barkley’s yips-heavy golf swing doesn’t quite live up to the goats.

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