The Medium and its live action trailer seek to terrorize you with its nightmare and mystery monsters

The new horror game from the authors of Layers of Fear launches on Xbox Series X | S and PC in a few days.

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There are only a few days left so we can enjoy PC y Xbox Series X|S from the new horror game Bloober Team, who have taken the moment to present the trailer live action from his long-awaited The Medium, an adventure that wants to give us a hard time exploring reality and a world of nightmare simultaneously. This is the great novelty of a video game that since its announcement at the Xbox Series X presentation event has been arousing the interest of horror fans.

Developed by the authors of Layers of Fear or the most recent Blair Witch, this trailer was created in collaboration with the award-winning team at Platige Image, along with Oscar nominee, Tomasz Baginski, who has served as a screenwriter, and director Pawel Maslona. The result? As you can see for yourself, this live action video perfectly recreates the atmosphere of The Medium, showing those two realities with which we will have to interact while interacting with nightmare creatures.

“The Medium is a highly narrative game,” said the video’s screenwriter and creative producer, Tomasz Baginski. “The most important thing for me was understand the essence of your story, who are the heroes and the tone, “he adds. To achieve this goal he has relied” on the more emotional side of the story “while trying to” keep as many secrets as possible secret. The script is supposed to create a certain mood instead of discovering the story, “concludes the creative.

In 3DJuegos we had the opportunity to see the game in action just a few weeks ago as we already told you in our first impressions of The Medium, which is undoubtedly one of the outstanding releases of January.

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