They turn into anime the mythical combat of Daigo and Justin Wong in Street Fighter with all his show

One of the most famous fights of the competitive scene of the saga, dating back to EVO 2004.

Do you remember the fight between Daigo and Justin Wong from 2004? If you are followers of the Street Fighter saga, and you are passionate about the competitive scene of fighting games, it is impossible that you have not ever seen that moment of the semifinals of the Evo 2004 in which a Daigo Umehara against the ropes, with so little life that his character’s bar appeared completely empty except for one pixel, blocked 15 consecutive hits to win the fight in an epic way. If you do not know what we are talking about, it takes time to see the video that heads the news.

It is, in short, part of the history of Street Fighter III and of the competitions of the fight games. And despite the years, there are those who continue to pay tribute to the spectacle that this moment represented. Alain Vu, a professional animator who has participated in films such as the Spanish Klaus of 2019, has used his talent to turn this moment in an anime scene with great effects and details, as epic as the combat itself.

A recreation with a certain retro touch in its animation, full of emotion and cakes, as was the combat in which it is inspired. We remind you that last year Yoshinori Ono left Capcom after 30 years with the company. An important figure in the history of Street Fighter, whose career our colleague Toni Piedrabuena reviews in this article about the ex-producer of the saga.

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