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Transportation officials present new project aimed at expanding rail accessibility in Central Florida

Orlando, Florida – Officials in charge of transportation are presenting a plan to extend passenger rail services within Central Florida.

The proposal includes extending the route of Sunrail and establishing links with Brightline.

Proposed stops for this new passenger railway corridor include Orlando International Airport, Orange County Convention Center, South International Drive, and Disney Springs.

” We need more options,” stated Joseph Smoot.

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Smoot was one among many who attended the initial open house events held during this week to gain insights about the proposed Sunshine Corridor scheme.

” I do oftentimes have to take the bus or just try walking to work. But I find it a lot of times dangerous and really inconvenient compared to just driving,” expressed Smoot.

According to The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), their goal with this project would be linking both commuter rails – SunRail and Passenger Rail- Brightline; thereby assisting individuals like Smooth commute better whether it’s work-related or recreational travel

David Cooke from FDOT District Five as an administration manager for railways said “Everyone seeks options when it comes down transport so they can reach their destination swiftly without having traffic troubles – that’s what our option offers.”

Currently, public opinion on these proposals is being gathered through meetings conducted virtually as well physically throughout the week.

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Smooth seemed pleased after attending Tuesday night’s meeting stating “This is high capacity and it can take a lot of strain off of the roads that, I mean, we can see already the roads are getting a lot more congested. We really need more options.”

The subsequent community gathering will take place at 10771 International Drive on Wednesday between 5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

For further details regarding upcoming meetings along with how you could participate online click here.

To learn more about ongoing projects click here.

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Jessica Robinson
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