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Two lucky Fantasy 5 Lottery players won more than $20,000

Jacksonville, Florida – The recent Fantasy 5 Lottery had two lucky winners who won more than $20,000. The lucky winners have not been publicly announced yet.

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One of the winning tickets was bought at RK’s Food Mart, which is situated at 12015 Beach Boulevard in the middle of Jacksonville. People from the area have been going to this famous spot to try their luck in the lottery for a long time. Circle K at 2806 Atlantic Avenue in the city of Fernandina Beach is where the second winning ticket was bought.

Let me tell you the numbers that helped these lucky people win. The lucky numbers for the midday draw were 10-13-14-18-22, and for the evening draw, they were 1-3-6-7-8.

For those eager to participate in future lottery drawings, visit their website. There, you can find the full game drawing schedule, allowing you to plan your lottery activities accordingly.

Jessica Robinson
Jessica Robinson
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