Get ready for another year of Nike Dunks

Last year was undoubtedly the year of the Nike Dunk. The most popular players in the sneaker world, from Virgil Abloh to Travis Scott, gave the shoes their own hype. Two of the most requested Swoosh collaborations of 2020 were made by Dunks (in association with hippies, oddly enough): first with the Grateful Dead and then with Ben & Jerry’s. If you thought Nike could loosen the gas for the new year, you’d be sorely mistaken. The brand has just been revealed a preview from various 2021 Dunks, and it looks like the beloved silhouette isn’t going away anytime soon.

The Dunk will go live in the new year with a series of general releases. The first three colors of the Dunk Low will arrive next week, the kind of classic and long-awaited Nike fare: black and white, red and gray, and sail and coast. In February, things improve a bit with another Dunk Low in black and hyper cobalt. And then in March, Dunk High falls into a white and orange blaze.

Courtesy of Nike

None of these sneakers will come with flashy designer signatures or an ultra-rare release. And it really is not necessary. Over the past year, Nike laid the foundation for Dunk’s rise, generating excitement and demand through strategic drops and significant collaborations. It’s a move the brand has made repeatedly – building buzz and excitement for a silhouette and then releasing an unlimited supply for the masses who couldn’t get their hands on the weird stuff.

Courtesy of Nike

Longtime Dunkheads will know that this is actually the second coming of chunky slippers. In the middle of the years, the Dunk was the red hot shoe within the rising streetwear scene. The Diamond Supply Co. “Tiffany” Dunk and the basic “Pigeon” Dunk design, along with several others, helped elevate the shoe to something streetwear fans craved. It was turned off in the 2010s and stayed under the radar until it returned in full force last year. It’s pretty rare for a sneaker to get a second round in the sun like this, which is a true testament to the Dunk’s durable design appeal. Only time will tell how long the once forgotten sneaker can stay this warm, but for now at least, get ready for another year from Dunks on Dunks.


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