These will be the top 10 skincare trends for 2021

“The best in-office beauty treatments we’re looking at right now are specifically targeting the forehead, eyebrows and eye area as we spend a lot of time wearing masks,” says a Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon. Anita Patel, MD, FACS. To get into the details, it lists brow floss lift (or ponytail floss lift), non-surgical brow or eyelid lift using radio frequency skin tightening, Botox and Dysport to control forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet, and Latisse to grow eyelashes. especially since no one can get (or at least should get) your eyelash extensions right now.

Additionally, the amount of quality time the world spends on Zoom and video calling is also having an interesting influence on office beauty trends. According to Patel, there has been an increase in treatments that specifically target the chin and jaw.

“When you look at yourself in Zoom all day, you can notice angles, shadows and maybe even irregularities in the skin that you may not be used to seeing every day,” he explains. “People are looking more at their neck, chin, jaw line and the texture of their skin. This is where the padded jaw and chin contour comes in. The result is seen immediately, and can even have a slimming and / or lengthening effect. For skin texture, we’ve been busier with lasers as you can recover without worrying about seeing anyone.. “

To support results in the home office, Patel recommends essential skincare products like scrubs, nourishing anti-aging masks, gentle peels, LEDs, and microcurrent devices designed for home use. (You can buy some of our favorites right below!)


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